Juicing for Jesus!

July 12, 2018

Or do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit within you, whom you have from God? You are not your own, for you were bought with a price. So glorify God in your body.

                                                                                               1 Corinthians 6:19-20


This single verse made me open my eyes to how I have been treating my body. Over a week ago, I began my juicing journey. I was talking to a dear friend one day about her small group she was starting, and I saw how passionate about juicing she was. When she spoke about it, it was clear this was something she loved to do and loved sharing with others. I jumped into her small group as it was coming to an end but there was no doubt in my mind that I wanted to juice. I had talked to her about my allergies being so bad these last 5 months and she mentioned that since she and her husband started juicing, her allergies were almost non-existent. That alone was my driving force to start doing it too. Seeing Isabelle talk about juicing during that first small group meeting was inspiring. There was so much more to juicing than just making sure you got your fruit and veggies in. Who knew there were so many recipes aimed at different solutions to your health needs? There were recipes for better skin, allergy problems, detox needs and of course weight loss. What made it even more fun, was having a group of women who were both knowledgeable and encouraging. We were joking around and suddenly “Juicing for Jesus” was mentioned. We all fell in love with the name now that is what the small group is called. Because again, if you read that 1st verse, we are doing it for Him just as much as for ourselves.



I had set my mind to make this journey a successful one. First thing I realized in juicing is that you need a juicer…. imagine that. So, I jumped on amazon prime (since I wanted it quickly) and looked around for one with positive reviews. I ended up getting the Breville 850 watt, but another friend got the Joe Cross Juicer for a better price and it works just as good! I made a trip to the grocery store and loaded up on all kinds of fruits and veggies. I wasn’t sure what I needed but I grabbed what we had sampled at the small group. Now let me just say…. juicing is a lot of work. From making sure you pick out the perfect fruits and veggies, properly cleaning them and then the actual juicing process, it’s a bit time consuming. I’ve only been juicing about a week and a half and yes, it’s a lot of work but I have fallen in love with juicing. Not going to lie, I created my first recipe fail yesterday and it was so disappointing. I forgot how “flavourful” kale can be, and I went a bit overboard with it. As soon as I opened my jar for breakfast I was hit in the face with such a strong odour. I was like “whoa” hope this tastes better than it smells, well it didn’t. My first reaction was YUCK! I felt terrible, but Anthony and the ladies were so supportive and reassured me it will take practice to be able to get it right. So, I didn’t let bother me anymore. I just told myself I wouldn’t ever make the mistake of using an entire bunch of kale again. (yes, I should have known better in the first place). I think that is another reason I’m loving juicing so much! I have a great support system! Anthony is taking this journey with me and I have the women in our small group who constantly motivate me! I get most of the recipes from the small group and occasionally, I find something on Pinterest!


So, like I said, I’ve been juicing for about a week and a half and I can already tell a difference it has made. For three days last week, I had a juice for breakfast and lunch and for dinner I had a healthy meal. I realized that I wasn’t hungry even though my meal was just a juice. I can tell that I had more energy when I drank my lunch juice. I’m usually sluggish by two o clock and when I drank the juice I felt great. That particular juice, I chose for its effectiveness to boost energy. It consisted of cucumber, celery, spinach, ginger and orange. It may not sound delicious, but it really was. Juicing has also made me conscious of what I’m putting into my body daily. We as a family, cut out greasy fried food, junk food and soda. It just made us wonder how we could be juicing for health reasons but still putting stuff in our bodies that’s not good for us.  

          In terms of how much money I spend on juicing, it’s not bad. I spend about 50 dollars a week on just fresh fruits and veggies, but it will make nine 16oz jars for the week. I get two jars a day for three days and Anthony gets one jar a day for 3 days.  I know if I were to go and buy a juice in town, it would cost me about $8.25 for one. So, multiply that amount by nine, it’s $74.25. The amount I’m saving may not seem like much but it all adds up.


                   I can’t say it enough about how thankful I am that I was introduced to juicing. There will be plenty of times I may want to quit but I know because of who I have supporting me, they will not let me. This is a commitment I have made to myself, my small group, my husband and Him. I will treat my body like the temple it is, and I will do my best to take care of it. We are challenged every day with obstacles that try to prevent us from doing what we set out to do. We can tell ourselves that we are going to be better at what we eat but we get invited to have lunch and we are tempted by that unhealthy burger. We can say we are going to start praying more but we have a bad day and we deicide why even pray. We can say we will juice consistently but it gets to be too much work, so we let it go. Don’t give up at what you set your mind to do. The easy thing to do is to quit but if you keep going then it will be rewarding. I cannot quit, I will not quit, quitting is not an option!




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