When you know your kids are awesome!

April 17, 2018

As I was listening to KSBJ the other morning, the topic of the day caught my attention. How do you know when kids are being raised right?

The first caller i heard responded with, "When a kid always responds with yes ma'am or no sir, I know they are being raised correctly."

I thought that was an odd response because my kids, Emma and Anthony, ALWAYS respond that way. It's how my husband and I were raised so its how we raise our kids. 

I never thought much about it but i'm constantly being told how polite my kids are. Whether it's by my friends, the kids teachers or my daughters gymnastics coach. They will always tell me i have such well mannered kids. I'm not sure why but i always took this for granted. I guess i expected them to be respectful, polite and well mannered kids. 

Truth is, kids are always a direct reflection of how their parents raise them. 

My kids have never talked back to me in public, had a tantrum at the grocery store or flat out disrespected me. 

Now don't get me wrong, my kids are NOT perfect little angels. 

But they are perfect to me.

They have arguments...both with me and with each other, but they always know that they will respect me. It doesn't matter how upset they get, they know i'm their mother and will not tolerate bad behavior. Not at our house or when we go over to friends and families homes. 

Our kids go to church every Sunday with us, we have them active in our church's little leaders program and we have them pray with us daily. Why?

We know that as long as we keep God in our daily lives then we will have a strong relationship with each other and with Him. 

Emma and Anthony are very strong willed kids. They have such different personalities but when it's all said and done, they both have good hearts. 

They go out of their way to be polite. 

They go out of their way to be nice to the kid that sits alone at lunch at school.

They go out of their way to tell me how much they love me and their dad. 

They go out of their way to pray for friends and family. 

I know all parents believe their kids are amazing....i'm just another mom that feels the same about mine. 



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